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How To Make Floral alphabetti

Blooming Fiction, craft blog, Floral alphabetti

Inspired by a Hobbycraft tutorial video, this alphabet creation is intricate and so beautiful. 

As soon as I saw the video on Youtube I knew this project was something I wanted to do for my little girl. I've already made a trinket box for her, but this is something which matches her room and is absolutely blooming with life.

There's a lot of cutting involved, but once that's done the creative juices can flow. I made up the arrangement as I went along, but I'm super pleased with how it's come out. There's only a couple of materials needed which are:

Blooming Fiction, craft blog, Floral alphabetti
Blooming Fiction, craft blog, Floral alphabetti
Blooming Fiction, craft blog, Floral alphabetti

How To Make The Floral Alphabetti

  1. Draw a series of shapes on to card to use as stencils. See below for specifics.
  2. Using the cut out stencils, draw shapes to cut out on the sheets of felt, whichever colours you desire. Cut out the shapes and set aside.
  3. Heat up the glue gun and organise your pieces into sections for each flower (this saves time). Glue the flowers together and then glue into your desired pattern in the letter.
  4. That's it. Easy as that!

Creating The Flowers

Red & Blue Flowers

  • Draw out two sizes of an eye shape on the card to use as stencils, one small and one larger. Mark out as many petals as you'd like on your chosen colour of felt, smaller petals will need at least three eye shapes per flower.
  • After cutting out the petals, heat up the glue gun. Before starting, make note that the more petals you use, the bigger the flower.
  • Take the first small petal and apply a line of glue directly through the middle (holding the eye as it would sit on your face), then fold the petal to make a heart shape. Twisting the felt so both points are facing upwards.
  • Run another line of glue along the bottom edge and roll to create a tight tube.
  • Copy the heart shape fold for all petals and glue along bottom edge to press onto the initial tube (centre of the flower). Work your way round the middle stem until you reach the desired size. Fan out petals and glue into place.

Pink Flowers

  • Cut a strip of felt straight from the sheet, measuring an inch in width.
  • Cut a series of triangles along one edge of the strip.
  • Apply glue along the straight edge and roll along the length of the strip then glue into place.

Yellow Flowers

  • Cut a strip of felt measuring an inch and a half in width, apply glue and fold in half, lengthways.
  • Snip small cuts every other few millimetres along the unglued edge to form a teeth effect.
  • Apply glue along the uncut length and roll lengthways. Glue into place.


  • Cut a 5 centimetre strip of cream felt, no more than an inch wide. Also cut a series of small squares with curved edges, 10 per stem should be enough.
  • Apply glue and roll the strip into a roll.
  • Add dabs of glue to the small squares and apply along opposite sides of the stem to create a symmetrical pattern. Glue into place.


  • Draw a skinny leaf shape, with a small stem, on to the card for a stencil. Cut and use to draw leaves onto green felt, make as many as desired.
  • Use the glue gun in the middle of the stem to create a small pinch then shape and glue into place as desired.


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