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Woolly Letters For Kids & Craftroom Walls

Blooming Fiction, Woolly Letters For Kids & Craftroom Walls

Use the odds and ends of your yarn stash to create unique and colourful lettering. Great for making with children, and also ideal for popping up your your craftroom wall, the letters are cheap to make and are a long lasting piece of art which can be topped with fake flowers, sequins or in my case a bobble.

These makes can take up a good half hour to an hour, or longer if you're making an entire word. Why not mix up the letters using different colours and textured yarns? Or do each letter in a different colour? 

For my example I'm just doing one letter, the letter J, using a selection of DK wool I have in my odds and sods box. 

Blooming Fiction, Woolly Letters For Kids & Craftroom Walls

You will need:

  • Cardstock or upcycle card from a cereal packet
  • Selection of yarn of required colours and textures - or anything you have lying around
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Pom pom makers ( if required )

Start off your project by cutting out your desired letter from your piece of card. Capital letters work best but small letters do work as well.

Blooming Fiction, Woolly Letters For Kids & Craftroom Walls

The choice is yours of where to start. I find it easiest to start in the bottom corner and then work round. Begin by taping the end of the wool to the rear side of the letter, then wrap around the wool to cover a section of the card. Make sure the wool is taut but so tight it bends the card.

When you're happy with the size of the coloured block snip the wool and once again tape it down to the rear of the letter out of sight. You may find it handy to tuck the end underneath the last few rows and then stick down. Any tape will be covered up by wool wrappings.

Blooming Fiction, Woolly Letters For Kids & Craftroom Walls

Keep swapping wool ( or maintain the same colour ) until you cover your letter. Remember that any 'messy' ends won't be seen on the back so don't panic too much. 

Blooming Fiction, Woolly Letters For Kids & Craftroom Walls

If you are left with a gap where it seems impossible to wrap wool around neatly ( or at all ) fill the spaces with sequins ( for older children ), fake flowers or make a pom pom like I have here. Pom pom makers are very easy to use and you can create a bobble of any desired colour. 

Look out for a pom pom maker tutorial coming soon! 

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