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Sensory Painting For Babies

Blooming Fiction, Sensory Painting For Babies

Getting creative is great fun at any age, even for babies as young as 6 -9 months. Painting may strike scenes of obscene levels of mess into your mind, but this super easy and non messy activity is great for babies learning textures and coordination.

Most of these materials will already be in your possession at home, making it not only fun and creative, but affordable too.  

Blooming Fiction, Sensory Painting For Babies

All you need for a session of sensory painting is:

  • A piece of card - A4 is an ideal size
  • Selection of pre mixed poster paints or acrylic paints in desired colours 
  • Clingfilm out of the box
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper or oilcloth to cover surface - just in case!

Getting Started With Sensory Painting

Blooming Fiction, Sensory Painting For Babies

Start out by laying your piece of card on top of the clingfilm. Don't tear off the roll. Makesure you remove the box from the clingfilm to avoid little ones getting hold of the sharp teeth.

Blooming Fiction, Sensory Painting For Babies

Best done out of reach from your little one. Grab your paint selection and squirt some dollops of paint across the page. The gaps in between is up to you, my arrangement is random but kind of evenly spaced so the paint will cover the page. The paints I have used here are poster paints from The Works and Hobbycraft, and a silver acrylic paint also from The Works.

After applying the paint, wrap the clingfilm over the top of the card and wrap around the card at least twice to form a protective barrier. Once you're happy the card is covered, tuck under the sides of the clingfilm to complete the clingfilm parcel.   

Blooming Fiction, Sensory Painting For Babies

Settle down with your little one placing the card in front of them. Show them what to do by placing your hand on top of some the paint and wiping across the card. Do this a couple of times and then assist them in doing the same. Don't worry if they don't take on to it straight away. It's a new texture which they will get used to - and have fun with!

Do the same for all the paint, pushing it across the page in any and every direction. 

Blooming Fiction, Sensory Painting For Babies

Once the card is covered pull out your table covering ( newspaper or other ) and place the painting upside down. Cut open the clingfilm and peel back until you have enough handle space to lift the painting and flip it over. 

Do this then gently peel off the clingfilm. Keep in mind that the reverse side of the clingfilm will be covered in wet paint. An obvious point but we all know someone who'd forget!

Leave to dry out of reach for 24 hours then hang on your child's bedroom wall. Why not make a few to create a collage wall to hang their drawings on when they're older?

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