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Book Review | The Ghost Of Glendale By Natalie Kleinman

At twenty-four years old, Phoebe Marcham is resigned to spinsterhood, unwilling to settle for anything less than the deep love her parents had shared. That is, until adventurer Duncan Armstrong rides into her home wood, larger than life and with laughter in his eyes and more charm in his little finger than anyone she’s ever met. 

Far from ridiculing her family ghost, Duncan resolves to help solve the mystery which has left Simon Marcham a spirit in torment for two hundred years.

The Ghost Of Glendale 
by Natalie Kleinman

  • ISBN-10: 1986810704
  • ISBN-13: 978-1986810708

Amazon UK - Paperback / Kindle


I love a book that jumps straight into the story and plunges the reader right in the middle of everything. From page one of The Ghost Of Glendale I was surrounded by a scene which felt like it had been lifted straight out of an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs. 

Even without extensive scene setting, I could see the whole picture so clearly as if I was looking at it through a window. All of this in just the first few pages. Amazing! 

I'm not a big reader on ghost stories but I do love a 'nice' ghost which has a story behind it. The Ghost Of Glendale leads an intriguing tale behind the presence of the ghost and the adventure behind the tale is not at all grim or creepy. In fact I found it mesmerising to say the least. 

Charmer Duncan is an absolute dream to read about, gentlemen certainly don't come like him anymore. The romantic tale behind the adventurous ghost busting theme adds an element to the story which is totally enchanting. As much as I liked Duncan, I think I would have liked Simon Marcham, the ghost, too. Just a shame he was dead. 

Without revealing any spoilers it's hard to describe my favourite part of the story, so I'll just sign off by saying how much I thoroughly enjoyed The Ghost Of Glendale and it's a book which should be on everyone's TBR list.

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