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Book Review | The Summer House Of Happiness By Daisy James

Gabbie Andrews thought that her dreams of becoming a professional perfumer at the prestigious House of Gasnier on the French Riviera were finally coming true. There’s nothing she loves more than creating the perfect fragrance for her delighted customers…
So when her boss sends her to work in a laboratory in Paris for six months, she quits on the spot! Returning to her home in Devon, she soon finds that her herbal remedies are in more demand than she ever imagined.
And when she bumps into Max, the gorgeous mechanic who works at her father’s garage, she realizes that life might just be about to change forever!

The Summer House Of Happiness 
by Daisy James

  • Publisher: HQ Digital (31 May 2018)

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It very rarely happens that a book can change path on the page as well as in my head. As The Summer House Of Happiness begins, we are in the beautiful location of Frasse in southern France and by chapter four we're in Devon. As a book I initially pictured as a read very similar to The Little Perfume Shop Off The Champs-Élysées, I was magically transported to a garage setting with absolutely no effort. The seamless transition showed not only fantastic writing but the clarity in the pages which allowed the scenes to change in my head as well as on the page.  

Concerned about her father and what he's keeping from her, Gabbie lends a hand in bringing back the charm the family garage had while her mother was alive. Despite the painful memories which keep resurfacing, she pursues her mission to help at home and with yummy Max on the scene on a regular basis it becomes harder and harder for her to ignore the glittering future that paves before her.

I'm so disappointed I've finished this book. I found it so easy to read and the story just flowed effortlessly from page to page. I wanted nothing more than to keep reading but like everything in life it had to come to an end. Out of all the stories I've read by Daisy James, The Summer House Of Happiness has by far been my chart topper. 

I didn't really connect with any particular characters, but their realism and heartwarming natures made the book a joy to read and I would recommend anyone deliberating the work of Daisy James to start with this one.

No stars needed. A brilliant read! 

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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Katie. So pleased you enjoyed your visit to the Summerhouse of Happiness. Love Daisy xx

    1. Thank you for letting me read it Daisy! I love your writing so much x


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