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My Very Italian Holiday by Sue Roberts

Blooming Fiction, My Very Italian Holiday by Sue Roberts

After losing the love of her life in a tragic accident, thirty-year-old Gina is struggling. Running her little guesthouse in the hills of the Lake District keeps her going, but her heart isn’t in it any more.

When new guest, Fabio Garcia, arrives, Gina feels a spark that reminds her she’s alive. He’s tall, dark but with startling blue eyes, and makes her laugh, for the first time in... forever. Guilt holds her back, but friends, and a glass (or three) of wine, push her into his arms.

It’s nothing serious, which, Gina realises, is exactly what she needs, so when he invites her to his family’s crumbling Italian villa, on the sparkling waters of Lake Como, she says yes.

It’s hard not to fall for the grand, sandstone Villa Lucia, its faded wallpaper, green shutters, and Fabio, serving fresh coffee in bed. But Gina knows where she belongs, and she’s just not ready to explore the hidden depths she discovers in this handsome Italian.

Just when Gina thinks she might change her mind, his sister reveals a secret that sends Gina packing. And it’s a relief. Because she was right not to open her heart to Fabio, to walk away from him, the villa, the moonlit lake... Wasn’t she?

My Very Italian Holiday 
by Sue Roberts

  • Publisher: Bookouture (26 July 2018)
  • ISBN-10: 1786816067
  • ISBN-13: 978-1786816061
  • Rating: 4 Stars

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Book Review

Talk about a book with an explosive beginning! Less than 4% in and the action already begins. That can only be described as brilliant and absolute genius!

My Very Italian Holiday follows guest house owner Gina as she struggles with guilt and happiness for the first time since she lost the love of her life in a tragic accident. Even before she embarks on an incredible adventure with the dreamy Fabio, the setting of the stunning Lake District already paves the way for a romantic ride which Gina is a little reluctant to enjoy.

Sue Roberts has a gift for pulling readers into her stories by pulling emotional tender hooks one at a time. There are a couple of events which can really pull at your heart strings but in such a way that you want to continue reading to see what the outcome is. The story of Gina and Fabio's developing relationship was a little patchy in places, but as a whole I enjoyed the heartwarming feel surrounding them. 

In addition to the dreamy Italian, I loved the locations and the immersible descriptions that went with them. Food is clearly a passion of the writer as the depth of the writing here was outstanding. You could almost salivate at the descriptions. As much as I enjoyed both the Lake District and Lake Cosmo in the story, there was a bit of an inbalance since the book is titled My Very Italian Holiday. In my opinion there should have been more action in Italy than in the UK. However, saying that, this doesn't take away the fact that My Very Italian Holiday is an absorbing read which is ideal for reading by a pool or in your back garden.

I enjoyed the general storyline of the book and actually hope to see a little more from these characters in future. 

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