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Book Tour | The Little Theatre On The Seafront by Katie Ginger

When Lottie’s Gran dies she leaves one last request; save Greenley Theatre.

Faced with a decaying building, a mayor who most definitely isn’t on board with the project and a group of actors who just can’t get along, Lottie has her hands full, but with best friend Sid by her side she knows she can do it somehow.
But the arrival of Jeremy, a hotshot London developer who sweeps Lottie off her feet, complicates things. Suddenly Sid gets a new girlfriend, the Greenley Players fall apart, and that crumbling building? Well it crumbles a whole lot more. With no one to turn to, Lottie has to find the courage to save the day.
Will Lottie be able to save the theatre and also follow her heart?

The Little Theatre On The Seafront 
by Katie Ginger

  • Publisher: HQ Digital
  • Date Published: 01 Sep. 2018
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • ISBN-10: 0008310149
  • ISBN-13: 978-0008310141
  • Rating: 5 Stars

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Book Review

Charming in more ways than one, The Little Theatre On The Seafront is a book I could easily pick up again as soon as next week. 

Following the passing of her nan, Lottie is reluctant to execute her last wishes to an audience who aren't all that keen on letting her into their group. However, during a trial period Lottie proves that her nan's spirit lives in her and soon the am dram scene becomes a part of her life, but of course in good old fictional style ... there's every hurdle trying to get in her way. 

Restoring community spirit is a fab story which I love reading about time and time again. The art of conversation seems a thing of the past with so many screens around, so having a community come together with a shared passion for performing is a joy to read about. Lottie certainly has her hands full in The Little Theatre On The Seafront but she rises to the challenge and shows that anything is possible if you give it your all and a bit more. 

Although there weren't any characters I could personally relate to, I felt like I got to know the characters well enough to become involved in the story. A lot of the knowledge of am dram came through crystal clear as my husband is in such a group, making the story a little more sentimental and a little less fictional. This however, is a nice and welcome thing. 

The story itself is well moving with a host of sub plots which makes the plot trickle through your fingers at a comfortable speed. Sadly the book ended too soon for me but I have every hope that I will be reunited with Lottie soon to find out more about The Little Theatre On The Seafront. 

Q & A

1. Do you have a special place where you gather your thoughts and ideas for a new story?
I wish I did! That sounds much more writerly! I've got two kids so I tend to work through ideas just sat at my desk while they're at school. My desk is in the corner of the dining room, behind the door, which isn't very exciting but I still love it! I'm a notebook fanatic though, so I'm more about picking just the right notebook for each story.

2. How do you decide on a title for your books?
I'm really bad at choosing titles! I tend to go with something that captures the essence of the book while I'm working on it and then it changes later. The Little Theatre on the Seafront wasn't originally called that! It was originally called Much Ado About...Greenley but I like The Little Theatre on the Seafront better. I think it's really important to listen to your editor as they know the market inside and out.

3. Is there one of your books in particular that you consider the pride of your collection?
As this is my debut I don't really have a collection to choose from! With any luck I will one day! Having said that, I loved writing The Little Theatre but my next book, that comes out in 2019, has a special place in my heart. All will be revealed soon, but I loved the subject matter and the characters really spoke to me. Also it's set at Christmas which is just the best time of year. I get all goosebumpy just thinking about it!

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been inspired by?
Umm...probably an accent. I've got one story I'm working on right now where I decided to give one of the main characters a really strong Yorkshire accent. I think it's made the character more interesting and more distinct and has actually inspired a new history for him.

5. Have you created a character who is the fictional version of you?
I always try not to, but I think Lottie is, to some degree, a fictional version of me. Or at least, how I was in my mid-twenties. Although I was married and she's single, I was very insecure about myself and my abilities. So when I was writing that side of her I tapped into a lot of those old feelings. They still rear up sometimes but I think they do for all of us!

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