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Book Tour | Summer At Hollyhock House by Cathy Bussey

Faith Coombes should have been over the moon when her long-term boyfriend proposed to her. But instead, she broke up with him. Rob was safe, reliable, nice and … boring. Nothing like the only person who had ever broken her heart…

Unable to afford the rent on another flat and desperate for a new start, Faith takes the plunge and moves back to the village she grew up in, returning to the house that holds so many memories for her.

Hollyhock House, the family home of her best-friend Minel, also belongs to the boy who meant so much to her all those years ago…

As Faith falls back in love with the sprawling surroundings at Hollyhock she also finds herself falling all over again for the only person who has truly hurt her.

Can Faith come to terms with her past? Did she make the wrong decision in breaking up with Rob? 

Summer At Hollyhock House 
by Cathy Bussey

  • Publisher: Sapere Books (30 July 2018)
  • ISBN-10: 1912546531
  • ISBN-13: 978-1912546534

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Book Review

What a way to start a book! A cringe worthy proposal turned breakup scenario in front of other characters caused quite a stir for me as I settled down with the latest release from Cathy Bussey. Talk about grabbing someone's attention just like that!

It's been a while since I've read some of Cathy's work so I lost touch a bit with her writing style, but within the first couple of chapters I was reunited with her talented writing and was completely absorbed in Faith's runaway bride type of escape to the beautiful valley housing Hollyhock House.

Summer At Hollyhock House is an emotive book which follows the rollercoaster of emotions that leading character Faith is confronted with as she returns to the place of her childhood. Meeting up with her best friend, Minel, Faith very quickly falls in love with the familiar setting, but she also finds herself falling into the same trap she fell into before. Rik, Minel's brother, was once something special to her but after a terrible misunderstanding which came between them, Faith is once again drawn to the young boy who captured her heart.

Even as I describe the plot I can feel myself being drawn back into the book and on the set of the mesmerising tale. Although some areas were a little too drawn out for my liking, I loved learning about the colourful past of the characters involved and in many ways the stories are completely relatable. 

Description and scene setting is always a strength of the author, Cathy Bussey, and with Summer At Hollyhock House she proves her imagination is still as strong as ever. Faith's job of renovating a garden is as crystal clear in the mind as it is on the page, so much to a point where the flowers are almost in smelling distance. 

Summer At Hollyhock House is a must read for anyone who loves a country garden, or wants a peaceful but involving read with a cup of tea.

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