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Blooming Fiction launched in June 2016 and originally started as a book blog which then transformed into a lifestyle website. Sharing a little bit of everything, I hit publish on a range of different blog posts aimed to highlight, inform and entertain several times a week. Life is as varied and exciting as you make it so I throw it all in to the mix!

Blooming Fiction is like part of my family, it shows off everything I love and it reaches out to all you guys who are lovely enough to stick around and enjoy the ride with me. I love what I write about and really hope you can find something here that you love too!


Sometimes, but not always, I am very fortunate to receive samples of products to try out in exchange for a blog entry. These blog entries do not receive payment but I am usually allowed to keep the sample. This does not sway my opinion of a product. If I don't like something I'll let you know.

Some blog posts also contain affiliate links which means if buy something through a link on my blog I receive a very small ( tiny ) commission on a successful transaction. 

Any blog post containing a paid AD will be signified at the start of the post so you know it is a paid entry. All other blog posts will have a memo at the bottom stating that all samples are received from PRs unless stated otherwise. 


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