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A Summer Of Surprises Book Review

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A Summer of Surprises In this engaging sequel to An Unexpected Affair, Eleanor is finding life sweet and rosy in her Devon bookshop, but unexpected clouds on the horizon in the form of an ex-wife and a town planning monstrosity are about to bring our charismatic bookseller a summer of surprises.

A Summer Of Surprises
by Jan Ellis

Publisher: Waverley Books
Publish Date: 23 Mar. 2017
ISBN-10: 1849344434
Rating: 5/5

Paperback -


Running on from the short story of An Unexpected Affair, A Summer Of Surprises is an effortlessly lighthearted read featuring the beach, a quaint little bookshop and a community excited about a celebrity arrival.

Main lady Eleanor is someone I can immediately connect with as she loves books and adores her little bookshop. As every bookworm's dream, she is very lucky to be working in a glorious hub of books, and the location is pretty fantastic too. A bookshop at the seaside .... could there be a better combination? With the addition to her love of Agatha Christie and anything Art Deco, Eleanor makes it very easy to fall face first straight into the setting of the story.

From the very beginning of A Summer Of Surprises it is clear to see that Eleanor has found happiness again, after her seemingly inevitable divorce, but there is still that niggling in her mind that something could go wrong. The presence of Daniel's ex wife, Freya, doesn't help matters as it appears she has every intention of causing trouble between the loved up couple.

Reading about Eleanor and Daniel's adventures is a charming adventure which shows just how comfortable two people can really be around each other, even if they've only known each other a short time. A favourite scene of mine happens in the sea and involves an activity I could never picture myself doing. ( No spoilers here. ) Reading about this date, and the others, makes A Summer Of Surprises enchanting and a delight to read. Witnessing a couple of people recovering from divorces come together to create something wonderful is truly magical and Jan Ellis has done a fab job of bringing their story to life.

  * PDF copy received in exchange for an honest review



  1. I think you summed up my first pair of bookshop stories beautifully. Thanks much. Xx


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