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The Bookshop Detective Book Review

When a ghost ship is spotted on the horizon one spring evening, bookseller Eleanor Mace decides to investigate the myths and legends of Combemouth, the Devon seaside town where she runs The Reading Room. As Eleanor digs deeper into the town s history, she becomes intrigued by a Victorian crime report that seems to have unexpected links to the present day. A celebrity book launch, an exploding dress and some salsa-dancing pensioners make this a mystery with a difference.

The Bookshop Detective
by Jan Ellis

Publisher: Waverley Books
Publish Date: 23 Mar. 2017
ISBN-10: 1849344450
Rating: 5/5

Paperback -


If you read my review of A Summer Of Surprises just a mere 2 days ago, you may be surprised to see another book by the lovely Jan Ellis. Two in a row? Yep! Talk about not having to wait for the sequel!!

After reading the fantastic A Summer Of Surprises I was delighted when Jan offered me the second book in the series, The Bookshop Detective. Being a fan of cosy crime and women's fiction this second addition seemed the absolute perfect book for my library, and I was completely right! In all honesty .. I found it very difficult to put this book down.

When I first read the blurb of The Bookshop Detective I have to admit I was slightly dubious. The topic of ghost ships is not a topic I normally jump for but with the combination of an old mystery with modern day links .. I couldn't resist. The age old crime from the Victorian era works really well with the story of the book and gives it such a unique feel and depth. Want to know more about the mystery? You'll have to read the book .... no spoilers here!!

The best way that I can describe The Bookshop Detective is a Nancy Drew meets a heavenly coastal set up with intriguing and suddenly suspicious characters. Of course most of the characters aren't actually suspicious, but because there is a history being unfolded I immediately jump to my inner sleuth to find the truth of the mystery.

This is a very general review of The Bookshop Detective because I don't want to let anything slip .. or give you any clues! There was only one problem I had with the book and that was that at some point I had to finish it. I loved this book just as much ... or even more so .. than A Summer Of Surprises and I'm eternally grateful to Jan Ellis for letting me read her books.

*PDF digital copy received for an honest review



  1. Wow. What a wonderful review Katie - thank you so much! 😘

    1. You're welcome Jan!! I loved both books - so thank you for letting me read them x

  2. There's the paperback bind-up of French Kisses and A London Affair out in May, if you fancy some more!

    1. Ooh yes please! I'll be on maternity leave then so lots of time to read :D

    2. Perfect! I'll send the stories when I'm back from LBF. Xx


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