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Letters From Lighthouse Cottage Book Review

Sandybridge is the perfect English seaside town: home to gift shops, tea rooms and a fabulous fish and chip shop. And it's home to Grace - although right now, she's not too happy about it.

Grace grew up in Sandybridge, helping her parents sort junk from vintage treasures, but she always longed to escape to a bigger world. And she made it, travelling the world for her job, falling in love and starting a family. So why is she back in the tiny seaside town she'd long left behind, hanging out with Charlie, the boy who became her best friend when they were teenagers?

It turns out that travelling the world may not have been exactly what Grace needed to do. Perhaps everything she wanted has always been at home - after all, they do say that's where the heart is...

Letters From Lighthouse Cottage
by Ali McNamara

Publisher: Sphere
Publish Date: 14 July 2016
ISBN-10: 075155863X
Rating: 5/5


I've done it again!!! I've gone months and months without having any superglue books and within the space of a fortnight I have my second glowing 5* review to give you! For what I originally screwed my nose at, because of the really small print, this book turned into a phoenix flying through my fingertips in practically no time at all!

Letters From Lighthouse Cottage is an enchanting and unusual story spanning a few decades with leading lady Grace, or Gracie to those close to her. Finding her first love, experiencing tragedies and moving into the perfect home .. she goes through it all and I wouldn't have missed a moment of it.

Admittedly the book is a little disjointed as there are some big leaps in time frames but the scenes do tie together to create a bigger picture which makes this such an interesting read. Without giving away the biggest concept of the book ... the letters are without a doubt the main element which brings the entire plot together. Everything else is just a bonus.

Speeding through the pages of Letters From Lighthouse Cottage I found it incredibly difficult to focus at times as I was distracted with thoughts of who the letters were actually from. The end result was disappointing, only slightly, but it was still quite a sweet outcome in the end.

What makes Letters From Lighthouse Cottage even more appealing is the entourage of different love interests. One blatantly obvious, one only suspiciously obvious and one that just happens along the way...we won't worry about him. The main two rivals are great fun and throughout the book you will find yourself torn between the two suitors. One is definitely better for you than the other but there's always that strange pull to the one you should really know better about.

I can't go into too much detail without giving away the plot so let me say this .... Letters From Lighthouse Cottage was a bargain book I picked up from The Works and I honestly think it was the best £2 I've spent in ages!!!

If you enjoy Letters From Lighthouse Cottage you'll also love The Summer Of Serendipity, also from Ali McNamara.


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