Friday, 21 April 2017

The Beachside Flower Stall Book Review

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Carrie Dashwood fled Dorset ten years ago when her best friend Megan stole her love, local heart-throb Tom. Now she’s back to help run her aunt Ruby’s flower stall in idyllic Shipley.

Trying to persuade herself that her feelings for Tom are in the past, Carrie plans to avoid him and Megan completely. But it’s not to be, because Ruby’s Blooms are arranging the flowers for Megan and Tom’s wedding.

Soon Carrie’s crawling under the stall to hide and accidentally inventing an imaginary boyfriend... But with the stall’s finances in jeopardy and Ruby needing her niece more than ever, Carrie has to keep her emotions in check.

With bouquets to arrange, family secrets to uncover, and Tom unavoidably a part of her life again, can Carrie keep her cool, save the stall, and find her very own happy ever after?

The Beachside Flower Stall
by Karen Clarke

Publisher: Bookouture
Publish Date: 4 April 2017
ISBN-10: 178681157X
Rating: 5/5


Before I've even started writing this review I kind of already know what I want to say, and it's only three words. I loved it!

Superglue books haven't attached themselves to my hand in a while and at last I have my first book that I've finished in less than a day for the year. Completely fused to my hand, The Beachside Flower Stall was an easy reading women's fiction book that I would gladly revisit anytime of the year.

Set in a heavenly location by the beach, the setting is perfect for a spring/summer read and it smells incredible throughout. Heavily featuring a bakery, and a flower stall obviously, there are too many smells in this book that make me wish that smellovision was still a thing. Seriously .... why isn't it??

Following Carrie as she helps out her 'poorly' aunt, we one too many flower disasters as Carrie tries to get to grips with just how complicated flowers actually are. Giving her mum her word, Carrie does what she can to help her aunt's flailing floristry business but with thieving teenagers and her hopeless lack of experience it seems Carrie mat as well just give up. Until a potential wedding client turns up. The only problem the client is her ex friend.

Finding it difficult to face her past, Carrie wishes she was back home but she persists in facing the incredible bitchiness being thrown at her from all directions in order to help her family. It doesn't help though .. that her ex friend is about to marry the man she used to .. and still does ... love.

There are so many amazing parts to The Beachside Flower Stall that I don't really know how I can pick one scene that makes the book. It all comes together effortlessly and on more than one occasion I found myself having a good giggle to myself. Any book that triggers an involuntary response is fantastic!!

The Beachside Flower Stall is a book I really enjoyed reading and a great beach themed follow up book is The Bed And Breakfast On The Beach by Kat French. 


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