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Christmas At Woolworths Book Tour

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Christmas At Woolworths
by Elaine Everest

Publisher: Pan Macmillan 

ISBN: 9781509843657 

Number of pages: 416 
Rating: 5/5


Best friends Sarah, Maisie and Freda are brought together by their jobs at Woolworths. With their loved ones away on the front line, their bonds of friendship strengthen each day. Betty Billington is the manager at Woolworths, and a rock for the girls, having given up on love . . . Until a mysterious stranger turns up one day – could he reignite a spark in Betty?

As the year draws to a close, and Christmas approaches, the girls must rely on each other to navigate the dark days that lie ahead . . . 

With so much change, can their friendship survive the war?


Good old Woolies! As a kid I used to like going in to look at the pick n' mix and tape cassettes ... where have those days gone?? When this book tour came to my attention I couldn't help but say yes. Even better is the fact it is set in a very close area to where I live now! With so many good things going for this book I knew even before I read the first page that it was going to be a hit for me. 

Christmas At Woolworths is set from June 1942 in the midst of the second world war. Largely featuring the legendary Woolworths, the story follows a group of friends who become acquainted through the store. With war looming heavily over their heads there are dark times around them and with Christmas approaching they find small sparks of hope that brighter days may once again arrive one day. 

Even from that short description I've given you there should already be a note of what Christmas At Woolworths is like to read. It's a charming tale of love and friendship in the darkest times of uncertainty and loneliness. 

I was overjoyed to give Christmas At Woolworths a full 5 stars as there was nothing in the book that I could fault. Not being around for the war itself makes it difficult for me to truly imagine what people went through at the time but this book helped to put everyday life into perspective. Love is always hard to find but during a war it can be even harder, especially not knowing whether you will ever see that person ever again. I know it would break my heart if I never saw my Mr again.

Christmas At Woolworths features everything you could want from a wartime romance, including a handsome stranger. Something there was plenty of in wartime. I really want to say more but I am sworn by my own oath not to give out any spoilers.

All I'm going to say is that this is book is a fantastic read from Elaine Everest and you'd be daft not to read it!

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  1. Such a wonderful review. Thank you so much xxx

    1. You're welcome Elaine! An absolute joy to read and looking forward to reading the next x


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