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Book Review | Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm

Jess has lived at the idyllic flower farm on the Isles of Scilly her whole life, but when her boyfriend Adam leaves without explanation, Jess discovers that even her little slice of Cornish heaven can be lonely.
For the first time in Will’s life, he’s met someone he can’t stop thinking about. But nothing is simple when the woman of your dreams is working for you.
Gaby is running away from painful memories, and where could be more perfect than a remote island off the Cornish coast? But to put the past behind her, she must keep moving … however much she might want to stay.

Spring On The Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm
by Phillipa Ashley

  • Publisher: Avon (19 April 2018)
  • ISBN-10: 0008253390
  • Rating: 5/5

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Phillipa Ashley never fails to disappoint me. Her writing style is so addictive and easy to read, it nearly always seems impossible to put one of her books down. This was certainly the case with The Flower Farm.

Finishing the book within two days, I tumbled into the story from the very first couple of pages. A bumpy plane journey to the Cornish Isles would never be my idea of fun but it wasn't for Gaby either, so I'm pleased it's not just me.  Island hopping to Scilly, the setting of The Flower Farm is absolutely delightful.

Surrounded by nothing except vast expanses of foliage, high winds and a cosy village town, the scenery is isolated but incredibly homely and lovable. If I could afford a place over there I would move in tomorrow, if this book was anything to go by.

The story itself follows two main subplots. The first being Gaby who gets a job at The Flower Farm to get away from a horrific family event six months ago. Looking a lot younger than she is, Gaby turns a few heads initially but soon starts to earn respect when her new colleagues discover that she really knows her stuff.

Secondly is Jess, who has lived at The Flower Farm for some time with her boyfriend Adam. However, his tendency to have a little flirt with other ladies makes her highly suspicious when he disappears with no explanation.

My favourite of the sub plots was Gaby's story, as I've been there myself having to prove myself to other people. It's a tale I could really relate to and I loved reading about the growing relationship with another member of the team, who shall remain nameless in this review. ( No spoilers here! )

As a whole, Spring on the Little Cornish Isles: The Flower Farm was a heartwarming read which I would gladly read time and time again on a rainy evening with a hot drink. An easy five stars! To keep on reading Phillipa Ashley I'd recommend Confetti At The Cornish Cafe. 



  1. Thank you for this gorgeous review.

    1. You're welcome Phillipa!! I loved this book soooo much! Looking forward to reading more x

  2. PS Perfect blog title for The Flower farm!


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