Sunday, 11 March 2018

Toddler Bobble Hat With LGC

Blooming Fiction, Toddler Bobble Hat With LGC

A little later than planned ... this is my finished attempt at the toddler bobble hat from issue 98 of Let's Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet.

As a relatively new knitter I had to look up how to do a few things, like how to add in a second colour the correct way, but in general this toddler bobbly hat was quite an easy make. I previously made an Easy Knit Bookmark, but fancied upping my game slightly, apparently a bobble hat for my little lady was just that.

I'm particularly proud of how my ribbing has come out as this was the first time I'd done something more complicated than a standard knit. I even managed to sew the piece together with the lines matching spot on. Very impressed with myself!

Blooming Fiction, Toddler Bobble Hat With LGC
Blooming Fiction, Toddler Bobble Hat With LGCBlooming Fiction, Toddler Bobble Hat With LGC

Although the pattern for the hat was quite easy, definitely for beginners, there was quite a big mistake in the printing of the pattern. Which is why it took me quite a while to finish, as I had to go back quite a way. Being a beginner I didn't spot the error until I'd gone passed it. But once I'd noticed the error ( not bad for a newbie ) the hat was soon completed ... mostly. 

The second issue I had was the fact there wasn't enough yarn to finish the product. I sacrificed the pink bobble so I could actually finish knitting the hat ( in the wrong colour mind ), I then fished out some glitter threaded white yarn I had in my own little stash. Not ideal but it looks better with than without the bobble. 

Although I had these issues with the make it won't put me off buying another copy as I love the patterns. But maybe LGC need to invest in a new proofreader.


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