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Blooming Fiction Meets Lizzie Page

Blooming Fiction Meets .. is back again for the April 2018 edition. 

I've been incredibly fortunate to introduce some wonderful authors so far and that doesn't stop yet! Today I have the privilege to bring Lizzie Page to the blog. Lizzie writes some wonderful wartime novels which capture the very essence of the era and she's an absolute must for readers of wartime / historical fiction.

Keep reading to see what she had to say!

1. Do you have a special place where you gather your thoughts and ideas for a new story?

I’d love a special place! No, I don’t – I write at a desk in the living room, and I think mostly in bed!

2. How do you decide on titles for your books?

I decide on the titles and then the publisher re-decides on the titles.  I had some elaborate ideas for this book, then my editor came up with ‘The War Nurses’, and I thought, ‘oh yes, that’s what it is, really!’

3. Is there one of your books in particular that you consider the pride of your collection?

I have written several books but this is the only book I’ve had published so far. It is frustratingly hard to get published, and I am very proud ‘The War Nurses’ made it through the process.

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been inspired by?

Lots of things inspire me. ‘The War Nurses’ is based on a true story – once I heard about Elsie and Mairi, I knew I wanted to write about them.

I also visited Ypres in Belgium, where they lived over 100 years ago and this gave me lots of ideas.

As for strange inspirations, I’m going to say my dog. I’m a reluctant dog-owner, my daughter begged us for one for a long time, and eventually we gave in and got Lenny the Cockapoo. 

Oddly enough, Elsie and Mairi kept a dog, so I had already written a little about their dog, but once Lenny came along, I was inspired to write a lot more. The dog in ‘The War Nurses’ is now one of my favourite characters! (and quite the hero)

5. Have you created a character who is the fictional version of you?

Not exactly, but certainly there are elements of me in both characters of Elsie and Mairi.

I wish I were as carefree, capable and strong-willed as Elsie, these are traits I do admire. I can be stubborn and rebellious, but she’s a
glamorous power-house. I’m not!

Mairi is more conformist and careful. I’m not like that either, but I do prefer being in the background like she does.

Quick Fire Questions

1. Salt & Vinegar / Cheese & Onion
Nothing beats a salty crisp!

2. Sweet / Savoury
Savoury_ (see crisp question above) �� 

3. A week in Florida / A weekend in Paris
I used to live in Paris, so this time, it would be Florida for me. I do like the sunshine.

4. Indoors / Outdoors
Mm, both

5. Pen / Pencil
Pen. My pencils are all blunt ☹ (Not a euphemism)

6. Halloween / Christmas
Being of a slightly nervous disposition, I don’t like Halloween much. It’s Christmas all the way! (Which is good because I’m currently working on second book in the trilogy, ‘The War Nurses at Christmas!’).

7. Book / Film
Both please. With crisps.

8. Fish and chips / Pie and mash
Love fish and chips. I live by the sea in Essex, so its obligatory here. 

9. DVDs / Netflix

10. Cats / Dogs
I’ll always be a cat person, even though I’m allergic and love my Lenny-dog.

The War Nurses is due for release on the 17th April 2018 so hop through the link to pre-order your copy for Kindle on Amazon UK.

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