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Book Review | Summer At Hope Meadows

Blooming Fiction, Book Review | Summer At Hope Meadows

Newly qualified vet Mandy Hope is leaving Leeds - and her boyfriend Simon - to return to the Yorkshire village she grew up in, where she'll help out with animals of all shapes and sizes in her parents' surgery.
But it's not all plain sailing: Mandy clashes with gruff local Jimmy Marsh, and some of the villagers won't accept a new vet. Meanwhile, Simon is determined that Mandy will rejoin him back in the city.
When tragedy strikes for her best friend James Hunter, and some neglected animals are discovered on a nearby farm, Mandy must prove herself. When it comes to being there for her friends - and protecting animals in need - she's prepared to do whatever it takes...

Summer At Hope Meadows
by Lucy Daniels
  • Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks (1 Jun. 2017)
  • ISBN-10: 1473653878
  • Rating: 5/5

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Another easy five star giveaway for 2018.

Summer At Hope Meadows is the first book I've read from Lucy Daniels and after closing the book I'm definitely left itching to read more of her work.

As book one of The Hope Meadows Series, Summer At Hope Meadows is very much a book which reminded me so much of All Creatures Great & Small. A vet in the Yorkshire countryside is a charming setting for a book and this alone was enough to make me want to read it.

The heartwarming story follows Mandy as she battles to be accepted by locals while trying to come to terms with tragedy that strikes too close to home. Mandy's test arrives with neglected animals, but while all this is happening she is constantly battling against the gruff and arrogant Jimmy Marsh.

The scenery, characters and events all intertwine perfectly in Summer At Hope Meadows , creating an amazing read which has the superglue effect. I finished the entire book in the space of a day. This fact alone leaves no explanation as to why I'm giving this book the full five star treatment.  

In the nicest way .... if personal tragedy helps to make a book for you, Prosecco & Promises may be worth a look.


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