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Book Review | The Sister Swap By Fiona Collins

Meg simply doesn’t have time for men in her life. Instead, she has a strictly one-date rule, survives on caffeine and runs one of the biggest model agencies from her smart office in London. That is, until she collapses one day at work and the doctor orders her to take some R&R in the country…
Sarah is used to being stuck behind tractors and the slow pace of her cosy village life. But now her children are all grown-up (and her ex-husband long forgotten) she’s ready to change things up a bit – starting with taking back her old job in the city!
After a devastating falling out, the sisters haven’t spoken in years. Swapping houses, cars, everything is the only option – surely they’ll be able to avoid bumping into each other?

Blooming Fiction: Book Review | The Sister Swap By Fiona CollinsThe Sister Swap
by Fiona Collins

  • Publisher: HQ Digital (1 Jun. 2018)
  • ASIN: B072S23FKS

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Absolutely a definite reminder of the great film The Holiday starring Jude Law.

The Sister Swap is quite literally that. Meg and Sarah are sisters who haven't spoken in many years but in the good old fashioned coincidence you find in fiction, they both get an opportunity at the same time involving them needing each other. Well, Sarah has an opportunity. Meg needs a reality check for her health.

Breaking the curfew on their relationship, the sisters decide to completely swap their lives so they can pursue new avenues. Sarah's kids aren't too sure on how they'll survive two months without someone vacuuming their rooms for two months but as soon as they meet their almost unheard of Auntie Meg, things start to happen. 

Poor Meg doesn't have the best start in the countryside, an amusing event involving cowpat, but Sarah arrives in London to meet a famous model and then meets an old colleague who is only too delighted to have her back where she once worked. 

The whole interchangeable scenario is always an amusing ruse as it can be entertaining to see how the characters react to their new surroundings, The Sister Swap performs this perfectly. Meg and Sarah couldn't really be more different, yet tied together by their grief on the death of their parents they live each others' lives and see their struggle from the other side. 

The charming story of The Sister Swap invites you to look at life through another pair of eyes and see what you're missing, or what you haven't loved enough. I've really enjoyed reading this great novel by Fiona Collins and am already looking forward to seeing aspects of my own life in a totally new light. 

A great read, perfect for a sunny afternoon in the garden. 

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  1. I absolutely loved "The Holiday" movie and if this book has echoes of it, I am totally sold! This book sounds like it has a lot of potential for funny moments too, as well as some poignant topics! I'm going away on holiday with my mum and sister next month and I have been looking for light and charming books to keep me occupied whilst I'm on the plane, and this looks like something that I should definitely add to my TBR list! Thanks very much indeed for sharing your thoughts on it!

    Abbey xx


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