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Book Review | The Foyles Bookshop Girls By Elaine Roberts

London, 1914: one ordinary day, three girls arrive for work at London's renowned Foyles bookshop. But when war with Germany is declared their lives will never be the same again...
Alice has always been the 'sensible' one in her family – especially in comparison with her suffrage-supporting sister! But decidedly against her father's wishes, she accepts a job at Foyles Bookshop; and for bookworm Alice it's a dream come true.
But with the country at war, Alice's happy world is shattered in an instant. Determined to do what she can, Alice works in the bookshop by day, and risks her own life driving an ambulance around bomb-ravaged London by night. But however busy she keeps herself, she can't help but think of the constant danger those she loves are facing on the frontline...
Alice, Victoria and Molly couldn't be more different and yet they share a friendship that stems back to their childhood – a friendship that provides everyday solace from the tribulations and heartbreak of war. Perfect for fans of Elaine Everest, Daisy Styles and Rosie Hendry.

The Foyles Bookshop Girls
by Elaine Roberts

  • Publisher: Aria (1 Jun. 2018)
  • ASIN: B079T5YYYN

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A book blogger, writing about a book, which is written about a bookshop .. absolute match made in heaven! When Elaine joined my monthly series of Blooming Fiction Meets .. I could hardly contain my excitement and enthusiasm for her debut release with Aria Fiction. I live nowhere near a Foyles bookshop but just reading The Foyles Bookshop Girls plants me straight into the fiction section  - despite the action and chaos surrounding the store itself.

Even at the beginning of the book the onset of war is tingling with the death of the archduke tainting the news stands. I loved reading the ignorant comments that some of the passing characters made about the whole issue. A mindset that if it's over there it doesn't concern us kind of thinking. Of course at the time a lot of people felt that way, something which is sometimes overlooked in wartime novels. Well done Elaine for not missing it out!

The Foyles Bookshop Girls kicks off with the girls living in what I can only call Cinderella style accommodation while all family monies are put in to the areas of the house which visitors see. A bedroom with bare floorboards and splinters is something I couldn't ever deal with. The addition of family feuds over support for the suffragette movement adds more hostility to the home and it seems like the world war has begun even closer to home than Germany.

As war breaks out the seemingly perfect but subtly tarnished lives of the girls falls apart as live is dominated by fear of what is happening to their loved ones on the front. A daily battle with family, ambulances and book sales keeps The Foyles Bookshop Girls moving at an admirable pace with reflective moments to catch a breather before the next set of bombs arrive.

All I think is left to say is how grateful I am to Elaine Everest for introducing me to Elaine Roberts. The saga genre hasn't long been in my live after taking a long absence and after reading about the Woolworths girls and now The Foyles Bookshop Girls I'm falling in love with the genre again. This is an easy 5 stars from me! 

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