Thursday, 28 June 2018

Book Tour | Girlfriend, Interrupted

Ella Shawe was undomesticated, unattached and uninhibited.

Until she met Dan. 

Sexy, charming and funny, Dan ticked all the right boxes and Ella threw herself head-first into the whirlwind romance.

But now she’s moved into his family home, complete with two demanding children and a hyperactive dog.

Throw in Dan’s impossibly perfect ex-wife, Ella’s interfering sex therapist mother and the snooty and dismissive mother-in-law from Hell, and Ella is almost ready to throw in the towel.

But, ready or not, Ella is part of the family now, and getting it right for Dan’s kids means getting it right for everyone. She just needs to figure out how to include herself in the mix…

Girlfriend, Interrupted
by Patricia Caliskan

  • Publisher: Sapere Books (28 Jun. 2018)

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Oh my word!!! This book could be the spin off from Cinderella that was never made. The stepmother coming into a new family and not being accepted for who they are from the beginning. This book probably isn't intended for this purpose but I couldn't help but think of it as I read Girlfriend, Interrupted

Ella's story of fighting to be with the man she loves is light hearted, full of embarrassing moments and completely mortifying in places. It's clear from the start that Dan's family have no intention of letting Ella settle in to the family easily. Everyone has their own motive but it seems Ella has to do all the leg work to be accepted as part of the family. 

Despite Ella's best efforts to impress, she ends up putting herself into situations that most of us would run and hide from. Only poor Ella keeps getting stuck in the thick of it. But is it her fault? You'll have to read the book to find out!

As my first book from Patricia Caliskan I'm delighted to say how much I enjoyed the story. Although I'm not a stepmum I still found Ella relatable and likeable. Trying to please people is hard but Ella proves in this story that it can be done as long as you please yourself too.

I'd definitely recommend this read to be accompanied by a sunny garden and a nice big pot of tea.

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