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Book Tour | Confetti And Confusion By Daisy James

Stepping in for a celebrity chef, Millie Harper is feeling the pressure to make the first ever Paradise Cookery School classes a dazzling success and ensure that bride-to-be Imogen and friends have an unforgettable experience.
Meanwhile, Millie is trying to play it cool around handsome estate manager Zach Barker. But whenever he is near Millie cannot fail to notice the chemistry between them – until someone from Zach’s past arrives and any potential romance seems out of the question.
When disaster strikes and the wedding is in jeopardy, Millie realises she may have to go above and beyond to make sure the school is a success. Can Millie manage to create a day that dreams are made of, and will she find a way to tell Zach how she feels?

Confetti And Confusion 
by Daisy James

  • Publisher: Canelo (9 July 2018)
  • ASIN: B07DB4YW7D

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What an absolutely delightful follow on from Sunshine And Secrets! As book two of The Paradise Cookery School series, Millie returns to continue the adventure of an idyllic cooking scene and plenty of steamy romance to go along with it.

Confetti And Confusion follows on from the first book, though there's no need to have read the first book, and watches the development of the school as the first wedding themed class begins. A group of hens learn to cook with chocolate in a tempting array of dishes while the men get down and dirty on a variety of activities including quad biking. 

A fiery episode in the local hotel leads to an impending disaster for the wedding party but Millie comes to the rescue in an attempt to save the day and the wedding. But not everyone is convinced she's made the right decision. Plus on top of all this, Zach continues to annoy Millie but her racing heart is telling her to pull him closer.

There's nothing negative I can say about Confetti And Confusion. Having enjoyed the first instalment of the series I knew I would get on well with book two and it certainly delivered. 

There is light hearted comedy throughout the book making it a pleasurable and relaxing read. I had to laugh when it turned out that the wedding planner was hopeless. Not through experience but because whenever I come across a wedding planner in a book they always seem to be just as unreliable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes of Millie and Zach as they spent time together and liked being able to follow them and watch as their relationship got stronger. I'm very much hoping there will be more from this pair if another instalment is released soon. 

The only thing that could possibly make this book better was if it was sold along with a selection of samples from the recipes used in the book.

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  1. A huge thank you, Katie, for being part of the Confetti & Confusion blog tour. Sooo thrilled you enjoyed the next episode in Millie & Zach's story. Mistletoe & Mystery is out in September! Love Daisy xx


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