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Autumn Book Haul With The Book People

Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction

As the evenings start stretching at the end of Summer I feel like the most natural thing to do is stock up on cosy reads to accompany the upcoming hot chocolates! I can read at anytime or place, but my favourite reading hub is sat in my armchair, with a hot drink in one hand and book in the other, while watching the long evenings of blustery gales and neverending showers outside. #heaven

Pairing up with the smashing team at The Book People, I've discovered some beauties in their fiction novels selection and absolutely had to share my favourites!

Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction
Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction
Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction

Cosy Crime

Being someone who cannot stand any kind of gore, cosy crimes come as a surprise to anyone I talk to about books. Something about not being told about gruesome details makes me enjoy the story a lot more and I actually relish the fact when there's more than one murder. We all love a good murder secretly! Especially when you've grown up with Agatha Christies like me.

Thanks to some help from The Book People I've discovered two collections of cosy crime books which are completely new to me and am looking forward to trying out. 

The first collection is the St Just Mysteries by G M Malliet. The gathering of three books includes; Murder At The Alma Meter, Death Of A Cosy Writer and Death And The Lit Chick. I was initially attracted to the covers for these books as they looked a bit like some of the Agatha Christies, bad I know. But the blurbs sound witty, clever and just the kind of reads a cosy crime lover would enjoy. Even better is the fact that the collection of three books is only £5.99!

The second cosy crime collection I picked up is The Miss Seeton Mysteries by Heron Carvic. I've never heard of this author before but just like Aladdin, there's always a diamond to be found. The multi-coloured collection of books features a staggering eight reads and comprises of the following titles:
  • Miss Seeton Sings
  • Odds On Miss Seeton
  • Advantage Miss Seeton
  • Miss Seeton At The Helm
  • Miss Seeton By Appointment
  • Miss Seeton Cracks The Case
  • Miss Seeton Paints The Town
  • Hands Up Miss Seeton
At even better value than the first collection, all eight books as a bundle from The Book People is only £11.99, or £1.50 per book.

Historical Fiction

Another new collection for me, The Six Sisters by M C Beaton. This is a collection of Regency romance books, a genre I started picking up relatively recently. There's six books here, relative to the number of sisters, which are; The Taming Of Annabelle, Diana The Huntress, Deirdre And Desire, Minerva, Daphne and Frederica In Fashion. I've been told that readers who enjoy the work of Heron Carvic, author of Miss Seeton, will also enjoy the writing style of M C Beaton. This will be handy since I have both collections here, and definitely a worthy experiment to see if I do like both authors. This collection retails at £7.99.

Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction
Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction
Autumn Book Haul With The Book People, Blooming Fiction

Contemporary Fiction

A popular genre for me, contemporary fiction was a must see when scouring the website for The Book People for new reads. One book I've wanting to get my hands on is The Man Who Didn't Call by Rosie Walsh. I've heard nothing but great things about this book and I've already read some great stuff from Rosie. This is definitely a book I'm looking forward to reading and at only £4.99 for a hardback it was too good an opportunity to miss.

I've picked out two collections in the contemporary fiction genre, the first of which is all the work of Fanny Blake. The stunning collection of three books features An Italian Summer, Our Summer Together and The Secrets Women Keep. At only £5.99 the series of three stand alone books is a must for anyone who likes a touch of Italy in their lives.

Last but by no means least, the final collection of books I've added to my book stash is the writings of Erica James. Once again comprising of three books at the bargain price of £5.99, the collection includes Summer At The Lake, The Dandelion Years and Song Of The Skylark. Aside from the gorgeous front covers, the three books here are standalone masterpieces which are absolutely ideal for cosy nights in.

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